Home Decor is one of the most popular segments of interior design. Many people think it has to do with being able to find the right colors and furnishings. It does, but in addition to color and design, Home Decor consists of the furniture we use in our homes. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming though; you can create a warm and inviting home decor without purchasing new pieces of furniture or even having major renovations.

Home Decor Trends is changing in the next decade. Furniture is no longer seen as an accessory, but as part of the Home Decor theme. Here are some of the major changes we can expect in Home Decor trends for the next decade:

A major change is expected in the Home Decor style of dining room furniture. While the traditional dining room table will remain, the chairs, tables and side tables will all include wood or metal in their construction. Metal and glass pieces are expected to become more popular. One reason for this is because of how furniture pieces look in photographs; if a piece of furniture doesn’t look good in a photo then it probably won’t look good in your living room.

Another major change is expected in Home Decor trends when it comes to wall color. With the popularity of bold and earth toned paint colors, and bold and earth toned flooring products such as ceramic tiles, terrazzo, marble and granite, it will be important to make sure that your walls and floors go with the trends. The trend of bold color is going to continue into the coming year; however for now there are still many neutral hues to choose from.

One trend that will not change much is the Home Decor of floral arrangements. While we have seen flowers in different forms throughout time, there will likely be a return to floral arrangements as the center piece of many floral displays. Some of the floral arrangements being used right now include gerbera daisies, delphiniums, calla lilies and roses. These floral arrangements are expected to continue being a part of Home Decor trends for the next few years. This is due to how they are very easy to use, fairly cheap and last a long time without needing to be replaced.

One other trend that will be on display in Home Decor trends for the next several years is the use of metal. People have always been drawn to metals and there are a number of different metals that can be used to create a beautiful look. Some of these metals include; chrome, which is becoming extremely popular with people in Home Decor because it is relatively inexpensive. nickel plated furniture is also gaining in popularity. While some people want to use chrome, others are more interested in adding other metals to their interiors so that they can have a unique style.

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