Around 2.3 million construction workers were furloughed when the Coronavirus pandemic first appeared, mostly because of the guidelines that were imposed. Since then the industry has rebounded somewhat and many of those same workers have gone back to work. In May 2021, it was estimated that only about 30 percent of construction workers were still furloughed and IHS Markit predicts that the growth in the industry will continue. In fact, the construction industry is said to be the UK’s fastest growing large private sector category. Many contracts that were inevitably delayed during the start of the pandemic have now been awarded, and the noticeable success of the various Covid vaccines has also encouraged growth. Kent plant hire has seen an increased demand, as companies realize the value of hiring their equipment instead of buying it outright.

Plant Hire has Several Benefits

No construction company wants to spend more money than they need to, especially during these somewhat uncertain times, and Kent plant hire means you don’t need to spend any more than is necessary. In fact, you’ll probably spend less when you hire, instead of buying your equipment, depending on the scope and type of project. Another benefit of hiring is that any maintenance and repairs will be taken care of by the plant hire company, meaning your equipment will always be working as it should. A good Kent plant hire company also has a wide range of equipment available, making it easy to find the equipment you need all in one place. Money and valuable time are saved when you lease your equipment, and these tips can help you find the right plant hire company:

The Right Equipment Being Available

Having access to the equipment you need when you need it is important, and the plant hire company’s team should be able to verify that.

Condition Of the Equipment

Productivity can be adversely affected if your workers are using equipment that is obsolete or likely to break down due to poor maintenance. A reputable Kent plant hire company will make sure they have new equipment and machinery in perfect working order.

Delivery Time

The plant hire company will discuss a delivery date with you and of course a delivery as promised will enable you to keep up with the project’s schedule.

Support and Customer Service

Ongoing support is just as important as having the right equipment and an on time delivery. Regular repairs and routine maintenance will be needed throughout the duration of your project, and providing this support on time is a must. To hire excavator in kent, then contact with FGS Plant.Any repairs and maintenance should also be carried out by certified and experienced technicians.


FGS Plant prides itself on having the very best selection of equipment, along with excellent support and customer service to ensure your next project is a success. Contact today.

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