If you have ever had to move a large piece of furniture in your home, you know how difficult it can be to pack everything into the small space that the furniture was in before. Many of us have done this many times. The best way to do this is to keep your home decor items organized. Home decor items are simple to move and simple to replace, and yet add any items that aren’t strictly functional in a newly decorated room. Here are some ways to organize your home so that you’re happier with what you’ve accomplished

Keep your wall decorations up-to-date. Wall art for your living room or family room should be recent enough to still catch attention when someone walks in, but also current. This can be accomplished by keeping framed wall decor on display as well as displaying photos, framed art pieces and anything else that is currently of interest to you. If you have a special wall art piece or an item that you haven’t used in a year or two, consider replacing it with something new. You’ll save money and have a more attractive wall to show visitors to your home.

Update your home decorations with pictures on every wall. A great way to update your home decorations is to take out old pictures on the wall and replace them with current ones. You can also frame old photos to use as a part of your new home decor items or display them where they will be noticed. Adding pictures up-to-date to your walls can be a great way to bring new life back to an older room, or give an otherwise drab wall decor piece a fresh new face.

Get organized with your documents. Your home decorations may include some items that aren’t functional, but that you need to have in order to have somewhere to put things when they’re not using them. Your paperwork could also take over your living room, or worse yet, your entire home decor! Be sure to keep organized by following these simple steps for organizing your files:

Don’t clutter your space with too many items. The best way to work with whatever space you have is to keep it tidy. When you have too much clutter in one place, you’re likely to have that space occupied by the clutter instead of what you want to be working on. Remember that you have plenty of room decorations to work with, so you don’t have to choose from too many options. If you don’t like something, throw it out and move on to something else that you might like better.

When shopping for home decor items, you should look for furniture that goes well with your overall theme. For example, if you’re interested in incorporating a Zen-like theme, you may find that buying a sofa with a lot of cushions isn’t as functional as buying one that’s plain. If you have a lot of books, for example, you might consider buying a wall mounted bookcase that will sit on the corner of your room and hide all of your books. A minimalist shelving system will allow you to easily organize your bookshelves and other items while giving off the illusion that there’s not a lot of clutter.

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