Furniture refers to moving objects designed to support different human activities including eating, eating, and resting. Furniture is used to store items, or to set up objects in an organized manner for easy use. It is often seen in our living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining areas, hallways, libraries, and in offices. Furniture is a specialized form of art and is usually created out of artistic expression. There are many types of furniture such as chairs, sofas, beds, tables, couches, dressers, wardrobes, lamps, television stands, file cabinets, bookcases, wall units, and many others.

The most common furniture types are chairs, tables, couches, beds, and others. You can also have some pieces with other features such as storage or even electronic appliances. In most cases, the term “furniture” pertains to any movable or immovable object designed for use as a decorative item. A few examples of such items include picture frames, paintings, vases, figurines, lamps, chandeliers, ceiling fans, picture frames, mirrors, wall hangings, etc. Furniture is made from several different types of materials such as metal, wood, plastic, glass, leather, fabric, etc.

Ancient Romans: Using Wood As we all know from history, the ancients loved using wood in making furniture. The first pieces of furniture were wooden temples, which helped to decorate homes. As time went by, Romans discovered how to make use of metals for making furniture. Soon, pieces of furniture were made of metals as well and then glass. Glass for instance, became very popular during the ancient dynastic period.

Ancient Egyptians: Used Wicker Furniture Another group of people that deserves mention in the field of furniture design are the ancient Egyptian population. They were fond of using wicker furniture in their home. A wide variety of such items like chairs, tables, couches, beds, etc, were decorated using different kinds of wicker.

Ancient Chinese: Used Wood and Stone Furniture The Chinese were also known for their love for furniture. The early Chinese furniture items, for instance, were made from wood and stone. Some of the earliest Chinese furniture designs can be seen from the Great Wall of China. There are also records of wooden seats being used by Chinese royalty.

Prehistoric Furniture The prehistoric period also witnessed the discovery of precious ochre, shell, ivory, bone and even precious stones in the form of necklaces, bracelets, rings and tiles. The pre-historic period was a golden age for prehistoric furniture makers. However, as times progressed, wooden furniture became less popular and was replaced by iron and bronze pieces in most of the ancient furniture creations. In most cases, we can say that the development of ancient furniture was linked to the rise in popularity of complex handmade furniture like that of the chairs and tables that we see today.

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