A kitchen is usually a small room or portion of a large room used specifically for food preparation and cooking in either a home or in an office, usually with seating and/or dining space. Commercial kitchens can be located in hospitals, offices, restaurants, cafeterias, military bases, educational and office centers, and many other similar establishments. In large homes, a kitchen is usually the central gathering place for family members.

The size, layout, and equipment of a kitchen will depend upon its primary function. In a public house or hotel setting, the kitchen will most likely be located in the main dining room on the main level, or on the second level above kitchen food preparation. The stove is usually located in the center of the kitchen alongside a kitchen island. In a residential kitchen, the stove is usually located at the bottom of the garage and the sink in the center of the kitchen, with a range hood or chimney coming out of the roof.

The kitchen design work triangle should include three main functions of the typical working kitchen. These functions are cooking, preparing food, and cleanup. Although it’s more common to only focus on one or two of these three, you should keep your design including all three of these as an important part of your kitchen’s design.

First, you should consider where the food will be cooked in the galley style of kitchen. This style is a good arrangement for food preparation because there is close proximity between the stove, the microwave, and the cabinets for food storage and preparation. If you have a galley layout, then the layout and placement of cabinets and work surfaces should be relatively simple. However, if you have a peninsula or L-shaped kitchen, then your kitchen can become complicated because of the three main functions.

Second, you should consider the placement of your kitchen stoves and microwaves. These items are the most used cooking appliances in the average kitchen, so they should be placed in convenient places in your main building. For example, if you have a large kitchen, it’s likely that your stove will be located near the oven, while if you have a small kitchen, it’s likely that your stove will be placed close to the sink.

Finally, the placement of your kitchen cabinets and work surfaces should also be considered. If you have a large kitchen, then you’ll likely want to place the most used kitchen appliances in the cabinets closest to the stove. In this case, your kitchen counter would be placed in the same general area as the stove and the cabinets. However, if your kitchen has a smaller surface, then you might want to place your cabinets and work surfaces closer to the stove. The placement of your kitchen cabinets and work surfaces is an important part of the entire design of your kitchen, because it affects the flow of movement through your kitchen.

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