Storage space is one thing that not many property owners think about when building their homes or buying a new home, but it’s one of the essentials. We all need a proper storage solution for our belongings, and this holds particularly true for personal stuff such as clothing, jewellery, accessories, shoes, and the like. Nowadays, however, many property owners opt for a fully customised, bespoke storage solution that considers all their needs and meets all their requirements: the fitted wardrobe. Fitted wardrobes have proven to be the best storage solution for many, and there are various reasons for this, including the chance to maximise your space, keep your things organised, reduce clutter, and more. But it’s an investment indeed, so you want to make sure your investment works and is worth it. If you’re wondering how you can design the ideal fitted wardrobe, here’s a list of top ideas for you.

  • Perform an item audit first

Performing an item audit first will give you a better idea of what you need in your fitted wardrobe. You should have a good idea of what items you have, whether it’s a lot of jumpers and cardigans, suits, hats, jewellery, belts, shoes, etc. Once you have a rough estimate of the items you will keep in your fitted wardrobe, you will have a better perspective of how many drawers you need, whether you need more extended shelves and rails, whether your drawers should have small cubbies for items like jewellery and sunglasses or watches, and so on. If you know what you need within your wardrobe, you can have easier access to these items because you will know precisely where they are once your wardrobe is built.

  • Consider having a ‘grooming bay’

Your fitted or bespoke wardrobe doesn’t just have to be for clothes, shoes, and accessories – you can also consider having a ‘grooming bay’ where you can have a dedicated area for grooming products and paraphernalia such as hairdryers. You can have these items hidden inside your wardrobe, which leaves you with less clutter in your bedroom as well. You can even choose to have a mirror inside the wardrobe to check how you look after you groom yourself, and you can install drawers with glass fronts so you can immediately see which items are within those drawers.

  • Don’t forget the lighting advantage!

As mentioned, mirrors inside your fitted wardrobe are often a great idea but don’t forget the lighting advantage as well. We’re talking about interior light fixtures, which built in wardrobes Manchester specialists such as My Fitted Bedroom can take care of for you.  You can set up LED lighting inside your fitted wardrobes, which turn on with the use of sensors once you open the doors, so you can instantly see everything inside and find what you need.

  • Go with a neutral colour

One brilliant thing about fitted wardrobes is that they can last for a long time, but it may also be a good idea to go with a neutral colour for the panels, so it fits in with your current bedroom theme. Neutral colours such as grey, white, and beige go well with most colour schemes, and you can even have your wardrobes painted so they can blend in with your bedroom’s background, making for a more seamless look.

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